Company History

RMC was founded in 2004 by Scott Rudge and Timothy Joy. Our vision was to build a different type of consultancy practice, where we offered broad solutions to clients, not just pontification. To this end, we have regularly expanded the company by adding cross-disciplinary experts that would span the topics typically required for the development of a new therapeutic, medical device or diagnostic product.

Our approach has been adopted by a wide variety of clients, both large and small. Examples of just a few of the projects we have engaged in are:

  • Multiple assay, equipment, sterilization, cleaning and process validation projects
  • Complete supply chain auditing at the global level
  • Regulatory document authorship and review
  • Regulatory inspection support of not only GMP contract labs and manufacturers, but also for GCP, GDP and GVP inspections
  • Comprehensive quality services, where we have provided top to bottom quality unit personnel for several start up and mid-cap companies
  • Cell culture and fermentation process characterization and tech transfer
  • Formulation development
  • Due diligence for multimillion dollar investments
  • Construction of a new GMP facility for tissue processing
  • Tech transfer and process validation for a major late stage biotechnology product.

In 2006, we moved into custom designed office/laboratories, in order to provide clients with answers to their questions, backed by data, rather than just the questions. Since this time, we have executed a number of projects, including (but not limited to):

  • Creating and purifying authentic impurity standards
  • Developing capture chromatography processes
  • Reformulating a cytotoxic molecule for oral delivery using nano-crystal technology
  • Developing UF/DF processes for removal of small molecules, particularly surfactants
  • Small scale hand filling of toxicology supplies
  • Blinded testing of a diagnostic kit as validation for an FDA submission
  • Developing a variety of analytical chromatography methods for small molecules, proteins and oligonucleotides

In 2011, we expanded our facilities again to over 8000 sq.ft. to further increase our hands-on development and trouble-shooting capabilities.

For 2017, RMC significantly expanded the depth of our expert services team. We added a new site serving the RTP region in North Carolina, and bolstered our training products and services program. RMC also launched a comprehensive custom-video production service; focused on creating pharmaceutical training and marketing videos.