Medical Devices

Analytical Techniques/Example Analytes

Maybe you are short of funds right now and don't want to buy a new expensive piece of equipment, or hire someone new to work on it, or wait for the inevitable startup time and learning curve. RMC's team has experience working with a variety of pharmaceutical products, including small molecules, naturally derived chemicals, and chemically synthesized peptides in forms ranging from tablets and powders to lyophilized products and injectable solutions. We have experienced staff who can start making progress on your problem immediately using our qualified equipment.

  • With our HPLC:
    • Assay, identity, purity, impurities, content uniformity
    • Peptide mapping
    • Size analysis by SE-HPLC with DLS detection
  • Particle size distribution (dynamic light scattering)
  • Zeta potential determination
  • pH measurement
  • Loss on drying
  • UV/Visible spectrometry
  • Moisture content
  • Forced degradation and stability studies