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“Bringing Training to Life for Your Team”

RMC has developed GxP topic specific training modules to succinctly present GxP information. Seasoned industry professionals captivate the viewer with real life examples and applications drawn from actual regulatory expectations. The RMC video production team has optimized each module with the latest 4K production techniques which include informative graphics and industry scenes. These are not simple recordings of webinar broadcasts or trade-show presentations.

RMC GxP Training Video Rental Highlights:

  • Affordable rentals starting at $350 per module per month
  • Unlimited viewing during rental period
  • Convenient 20 to 40 minute duration per module
  • Training presentation PDF
  • Written customized quiz
  • Optional on-line Q&A session with trainer
  • Weekly rental combinations or long term rentals can be customized and pro-rated

Optional RMC GxP On-line Live Streaming presentation are available for any of these training topics

  • Trainer speaking directly and ONLY to your team
  • Multiple remote locations
  • Fit to your schedule and your team

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Additional Information

RMC is dedicated to bringing training to life for your team – by optimizing the latest in professional video production techniques to capture various GxP topic perspectives. These are topics which are written and then presented on camera by seasoned industry professionals who are working in the pharmaceutical and allied industries on a daily basis.

Bringing training to life for your team means making contemporary and engaging training videos conveniently available to your team – to fit with your schedules and at prices which keep your training budget under control.

These professionally produced videos present succinct GxP training topics in a captivating fashion – by combining 4K quality video recorded of concise presentations with informative graphic and enhanced with supportive video from real industry settings.

These training videos are designed to be the opposite of the commonly available audio ‘webinar training recordings’ – which can be long, dry and sometimes nothing more than an audio recording of someone calling in and talking through a standard slide deck displayed on screen.

RMC training series videos:

  • Cover training topics in a more concise fashion (i.e., most videos are between 20-40 min) to ensure they can be easily fit into busy personnel schedules and maintain the viewer’s attention for a shorter period.
  • Are available for purchase or rental.
  • For rental options, have no limitation on the number of personnel that you can have view the video or how many times the video can be viewed during the rental period.
  • Come with a PDF copy of the presentation details.
  • Come with a copy of a quiz and answer key – to allow you to easily document that your team has successfully grasped the training topic.
  • Have the option of scheduling a live on-line meeting with the trainer for Q&A on the presentation.